Who We Are

We are: 

Islanders - Our ancestors mastered the art of traditional sea voyaging, traveling hundreds to thousands of miles across the South Pacific. Today, in a similar sense our people, by blood or by heart, are scattered across the world. 
Artists - We are creative visionaries of the Pacific. By pen, pencil, paintbrush, airbrush, tattoo guns and more. Every day, we imprint our mark on pages, further telling our stories. 
Poets - Through various social media platforms and Pacific Roots open mic venues, we let our voices be heard. 
Storytellers - Portraying individual and collective perspectives through historic and modern day approaches.
Pacific Roots pays homage to the South Pacific, and assists in further perpetuating the works of local island artists. Due to geographic isolation in the Pacific Region, our island artists are often unexposed to the outside world.
We stand as a collective voice of Pacific Islanders, further helping stimulate generational growth through storytelling and clothing. 
Through inter-island events and the internet, however, the talent of island artists can be shared. Thus, Pacific Roots was created to expose native art forms to consumers worldwide, while collaborating with local island artists. 
Pacific Roots is an open invitation for discussion. An opportunity for us to share our culture through various artistic platforms. We are a breathing canvas, not bound by a frame. 
Our mantra boldly states “Wear Your Heritage”. We are people who support the collaboration of history through art. We try our best to listen, learn, educate and inspire others as we have been taught by the generations before us. 
We are the Pacific Roots.